Basic Money Skills

There are thousands of self-improvement, success, and money-making books. Many of the authors have attempted to put together some "integrated formulation" from their own experiences and from all the other sources available to them. Unfortunately, most of them -- if not all of them without exception -- are somewhat incomplete and sometimes even hopelessly misguided in some respects. I hope my attempt at formulating some money skills will become more complete than most. If you know or think of any money skills I should add to my list, please e-mail Frederick Mann.
Robert G. Allen (also best-selling author of Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, and Challenge) writes in Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth:
"Prosperous people practice seven financial secrets. I call them "secrets" not because very few of us are aware of them, but because very few of us use them. The secrets are, in reality, skills ... essential money skills that all wealthy people practice. I believe that if you learn these skills, wealth can flow into your life ... multiple streams of increasing prosperity. Wouldn't that be nice? Money to buy whatever you want ... houses, cars, travel, freedom. Surplus to share with the people you care most about. Security. Peace of mind. That's what these skills will bring you."
Allen also devotes a chapter to network marketing (or MLM = multilevel marketing), which he calls "the ultimate money machine."