Learn superior money formulas from others -- or develop them yourself

In my own case, my father once "played money" with me, showing me how to add and subtract money and exchange money for goods. It took about 15 minutes. Apart from that, I learned no money-expertise from my parents, or at school. Had I been more precocious, I would have carefully observed my parents' relationships with money, observed how they handled it... and learned to not make the same mistakes!
If you're not as wealthy as you'd like to be, then the first step is probably to suspect that you might have more to learn than you thought. Suppose we formulate a "unit of money-expertise" called the "gate" and to operate at the level of Bill Gates, you need to master 100 gates of money-expertise. So how many gates have you mastered?
Suppose you've learned how to pay for things you buy, count your change to see that it's correct, work at a job for a paycheck, bank the checks, withdraw money, write checks, pay bills, balance your checkbook, use a credit card, buy and sell stocks, file a tax return, etc. In other words, the things about money practically everyone knows. How many gates would you say your money-knowledge represents? Let me warn you that there's a common human illusion of thinking that you know more than you really do. I would estimate this basic money-knowledge at maybe one gate. But what if it's really a small fraction of a gate?
In any case, once you realize how little you really know, you can open the door to learning...
Personally, with all I've read, experienced, thought, and written about money, I've mastered maybe 3 - 4 gates! That should be enough to make millions!
The key to developing your own superior money formulas is study the successful money formulas of others, coupled with the realization that anything can be improved -- indefinitely!