Don't work for money; have money work for you

"Money is the seed of money, and the first guinea is sometimes more difficult to acquire than the second million." -- Jean Jacques Rousseau
The first lesson Kiyosaki emphasizes in Rich Dad, Poor Dad is that rich people don't work for money; they have their money work for them. Personally, I'm satisfied when my money earns a 10% return per month for me. If my money isn't providing this kind of return, I start looking elsewhere. For examples of how you too can achieve this kind of return, see Risk Meter.
Fortunately, you don't even need to have money in order to make money work for you. There are millions of people in the world with "surplus" money that's not being put to very good use. You can organize your money-making activities so that some of this OPM (other people's money) works for you. For a general approach to achieve this, see Zero-Risk Money-Making.
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Basic Money Skills

There are thousands of self-improvement, success, and money-making books. Many of the authors have attempted to put together some "integrated formulation" from their own experiences and from all the other sources available to them. Unfortunately, most of them -- if not all of them without exception -- are somewhat incomplete and sometimes even hopelessly misguided in some respects. I hope my attempt at formulating some money skills will become more complete than most. If you know or think of any money skills I should add to my list, please e-mail Frederick Mann.
Robert G. Allen (also best-selling author of Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, and Challenge) writes in Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth:
"Prosperous people practice seven financial secrets. I call them "secrets" not because very few of us are aware of them, but because very few of us use them. The secrets are, in reality, skills ... essential money skills that all wealthy people practice. I believe that if you learn these skills, wealth can flow into your life ... multiple streams of increasing prosperity. Wouldn't that be nice? Money to buy whatever you want ... houses, cars, travel, freedom. Surplus to share with the people you care most about. Security. Peace of mind. That's what these skills will bring you."
Allen also devotes a chapter to network marketing (or MLM = multilevel marketing), which he calls "the ultimate money machine."

MLM -- the ultimate money machine

"Network Marketing: The Ultimate Money Machine" is Robert G. Allen's title for Chapter Seven of Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth. (Allen is also the best-selling author of Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, and Challenge.) Says Allen:
"Let's start with network marketing (also known as multilevel marketing, or MLM) ... being an intrapreneur ... an independent distributor for a company in the burgeoning network marketing industry. Network marketing. Just saying the words conjures up lots of emotions for most people. You either love it or you hate it. Sometimes both. But just what is it? ... word-of-mouth advertising.
...Collette phoned the next day and asked, "What do you think of the video?" Despite my strong intuitive hunch, I replied, "Sorry, Collette, I just don't think I'm interested."
To her credit, she didn't let my negativity stop her. She took my wife to lunch, and they decided to go ahead without me. I was so close-minded...
Now, several years later, a very, very large check is automatically deposited into my wife's bank account every Friday, but it doesn't have my name on it. It's my wife's check. Mr. Skeptical here didn't want anything to do with it! So she gets the check and occasionally shares some of it with me...
Blinded by False InformationWhy do you think I voted against my own intuition? Perhaps it was because I had heard some negative things about network marketing ...and without checking things out for myself, I made some snap judgments that turned out to be completely wrong.
...Would you donate a few hours of your flexible time each week if you knew you could be earning $2,000 to $3,000 a week in residual income in two to three years?
Are You Crazy?When I explain how simple this can be, some people look at me as though I'm crazy. So I give them the financial-freedom test:"Do you have multiple streams of income flowing into your life?" (They usually answer no.)"Do you get paid multiple times for every hour you work?" (Again no.)"Are your hourly earnings potentially unlimited?" (Still no.)"Do your income streams flow 24 hours a day with or without you?" (No.)"Do you own or control these streams of income?" (No.)"Will your income streams continue to flow after you die?" (No.)"Can you give yourself a raise any time you want?" (No.)"If your main income stream dries up, could you survive for a year without income?" (No.)
Then I say, "Because of network marketing, I can answer yes to each of the preceding questions." I wonder which of us is the crazy one?
This is my definition of crazy: Crazy, n. Work for peanuts at various jobs you hate for 50 years. Then die poor. This is my definition of smart: Smart, n. Work hard for a much shorter period of time. Retire with multiple streams of residual income...
If you can find just one or two customers in every 100 contacts, you can build a fortune.
Collette, my ex-secretary, invited 44 people to her first meeting. Four people showed up and two people left early. But the two who remained were excited and signed up. From the genesis of those first two people, Collette today earns an income in excess of $1 million per year."
(By having a website and attracting visitors to it, there's no need to hold meetings or even phone people. The website does practically all the selling.)