Neo bux Rocking in PTC sites

Around 9+ ads a day
374,000+ Memebers
$2 First Minimum Payout

Standard Members get
$0.01 - 015 Per Advert view
$0.005 - 0.1 Per Referral view

Premium Members get
$0.01 - 0.2 Per Advert view
$0.01 - 0.2 Per Referral view

A very interesting site indeed, they differ from all the other PTC sites because of their innovative design and the ability to 'Rent' referrals instead of buy them forever (why buy 100 referrals for $100 when you can just rent them for a month for as low as $20?). Using this method of renting referrals can make sure you keep a fresh cycle of active referrals which you can replace and also extend their time limit, for example, say if you have 1 month rental on a referral but he/she was a good active referral you may want to add another month to double up the rental time to 2 months. This site really has instant payouts, even with their large amount of members!